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Bay News 9, 5/18/06 - The First Assembly of God Church in Homasassa wants to make religion more relevant to teens. They say to do that, they have to get teens' attention, so the church allowed the youth ministry to call itself "X-Rated Youth" and put forth provacative messages to get teens interested in their church and in Christianity.

"If you walk around with a "Got Jesus" shirt on, you're like, 'Okay, Got Jesus,' said youth pastor Tim Sensabaugh. "That shuts dialogue a lot of times. But when you put 'Jesus loves porn stars' out there, it really opens up the dialogue."

But opening up the dialogue at Crystal River High School got some X-Rated Youth members in trouble. They were handing out cards with the word 'sex' and other phrases on them. The school immediately put a stop to it.

School officials said the X-Rated Youth made two mistakes. One, they didn't get the school's approval and two, the language is inappropriate.

"Even though it's used to bait interest, I'm not sure it's the appropriate way," said Crystal River High School Principal Patrick Simon. "I know it's not the appropriate way to involve or invite students to activities whether they are on or off campus."

The war of the words has now become a free speech fight, with the ACLU representing some X-Rated Youth members. The ACLU has requested information from the school district regarding any policies that censor or restrict student speech.

"You don't lose your rights when you walk onto a school campus," Sensabaugh said.

The ACLU has not filed a lawsuit against the school district, but the Citrus County School District's attorney is meeting with a representative from the organization.

The U.S. Supreme Court has said student expression can be curtailed if, among other factors, it invades the rights of others.

According to the group's web site, they call themselves X-Rated Youth because "we live in an X-Rated society where sex is everywhere we turn." The web site also says "X-Rated Youth is obviously a play on words meant to immediately destroy the typical 'Christian' stereotypes that the secular world holds against us."

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