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RedNova, 8/1/06 - MALACCA: Two men were charged yesterday with possessing 4,000 smut video compact discs (VCDs) in a factory in the Malim Jaya light industrial zone here.

Look Kok Leong, 24, from Cheras Perdana, and Chay Boon Seong, 24, from Seri Pulau Pinang, Cheras, Selangor, allegedly committed the offence at Lot 89 in Jalan IKS MJ3 of the Malim Jaya light industrial zone about 6.40pm on July 20.

They pleaded not guilty.

Prosecuting officer Chief Inspector Mohd Johari Haron asked magistrate Ahmad Sazali Omar to fix bail at RM10,000 in view of the large amount of VCDs seized.

Ahmad Sazali set bail at RM7,000 with one surety for each of them and fixed Oct 5 for mention.

Look and Chay were arrested on July 20 during a police raid at an abandoned factory in the Malim Jaya light industrial zone, where over RM30 million worth of goods were seized.

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Malaysia Cracks Down on Porn Stored on Mobile Phones

Sydney Morning Herald - Aug 28, 2005 - Malaysia has launched a crackdown on porn stored on mobile phones, with police authorised to carry out random spot checks to catch culprits, a report says.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Noh Omar was quoted as saying today that offenders could be charged with possession of pornographic materials.

"The same also goes for all telecommunications shop operators. If you are found to provide downloading services, action will be taken against you as well," Noh was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

He was responding to a report in a local tabloid saying that teenagers were abusing video recording features in mobile phones to capture images of mass sex parties before distributing them.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had asked police to take immediate action, Noh said.

While the government has moved to improve Internet access throughout the mainly Muslim nation, it is concerned that increasing numbers of Malaysians will be able to view pornography through computers and mobile devices.

Government computers have been blocked from accessing salacious websites, while school computers are to have porn filters installed.

Internet service providers have also been instructed to provide all their customers with low-cost software to bar access to Internet pornography.

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