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LONDON, XBiz, 8/22/05 - Virgin Megastores is making titles from San Francisco’s Colt Studio Group a front-and-center attraction at the company’s U.S retail locations.

The stores are erecting Colt Corners, which are branded kiosks featuring Colt movies and other products. The company has similar displays featuring products from ClubJenna and BelAmi to round out its “one-stop-shop theory,” according to Colt President and Creative Director John B. Rutherford.

“We have Colt Corners going into over 15 stores across the United States,” Rutherford told XBiz, adding that the displays are currently only going into “blue states” — those that tend to vote Democrat and are politically less conservative than the opposing “red states.”

Although Virgin isn’t making loud announcements about Colt Corners, it certainly isn’t hiding the fact that it offers hardcore fare, either. The company recently ran an advertisement announcing the launch of the Colt Corner at its New Orleans location.

According to Brand Channel magazine, such open embracing of porn is simply part of the industry’s ongoing move into the mainstream, coupled with relaxing attitudes regarding sex among younger Americans.

Brand Channel references a Barna Research Group study that found that 50 percent of people aged 18-19 say watching porn is morally acceptable, while only 38 percent of those 39-57 feel the same.

“Young adults are reaching a point where they’re comfortable enough with sexuality and pornography to say, ‘Yeah, morally this is OK,’” adult entertainment publicist Carly Milne said of the generational shift.

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