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VANCOUVER, Canada , XBiz, 8/19/05 - Counting on a tech savvy and media hungry audience, M Squared has rolled out a new site that offers adult downloads for Sony PlayStation Portables (PSP).

“Ultimately, we want the opportunity to disseminate our content to 21-35 years — the ones who really appreciate the PSP’s great screen clarity,” M Squared COO Allen Ingram told XBiz.

The site,, offers nearly 50 niche categories of video-on-demand content — all of the content M Squared owns.

“You pay with tokens on the site and just plug in the firewire linking your computer with the PSP,” he said, noting that consumers can watch up to two full 90-minute features, or thousands of still pictures, on the device.

Vancouver, Canada-based M Squared plans to integrate the site into its affiliate program,, shortly, and the company also plans to launch two additional PSP-download sites in the future. The company will launch in two weeks, as well as in four. It also will roll out during Internext in January.

"This is such a stimulating time for content producers,” Ingram said. “We have the means to deliver live streaming content and more very soon.

“Imagine virtual lap dances from the comfort of your hotel room or living room. With the ever-increasing WiFi hotspots the possibilities are seemingly endless.”

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