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Manila Bulletin, 8/18/05 - An anti-pornography advocate in the House of Representatives has urged President Arroyo to institute disciplinary action against "highly irresponsible board members" of the Movies and Television, Review and Classification Board for downgrading the rating of the Hollywood film, "Wedding Crashers" as PG-13.

Rep. Francis L. Nepomuceno, chairman of the House Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation, expressed frustration that board members Mario Hernandez, Butch Bautista and Benedicto Tarnate, allegedly violated the MTRCB implementing rules and regulations for allowing a trash film to be seen by minors.

Nepomuceno said that Hernandez, Bautista and Tarnate are unfit to handle the sensitive post as movie reviewers because of their insensitivity to the plight of innocent children who they exposed to films with sexual overtone.

"The President will win the hearts of our people if she will not reappoint these MTRCB board members. It will be the Presidentís legacy if she will replace them with child psychologists who fully understand the welfare of the children," he said.

The lawmaker from Pampanga explained that during this is critical time when there is rampant display of sex and violence in the movies, child psychologists in the MTRCB are badly needed.

He argued that "Wedding Crashers" which is now on third week of showing with lead star Owen Wilson, is unfit for minors because the plot of the film is about immorality, sexual impropriety, and wild behavior.

The third-term solon advised parents to carefully screen the movies before allowing their children to watch them.

"The psychological damage of unworthy films to children is immeasurable. It takes a long period of time for children who underwent psychological and emotional therapy to recover from the trauma. Their wound might be healed, but the damage will always be remembered," Nepomuceno said.

He said that government officials should abide with the Constitution of protecting the children from abuse including those derived from the films.

Likewise, he said that civil servants should follow the Civil Service Code in the conduct of their duties to protect the interest of the state.

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