The Meese Report

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PART ONE: Biographies, Notes and Statements

PART TWO: Overview and Analysis of Commission Findings

The Commission and its Mandate

The Work of the Commission
The 1970 Commission on Obscenity and Pornography
Defining Central Terms

The History of Pornography
Pornography as a Social Phenomenon

Regulation and the Role of Religion
Obscenity Law - The Modern History

The Constraints of the First Amendment
The Presumptive Relevance of the First Amendment

The First Amendment, The Supreme Court, and the Regulation of Obscenity
Is the Supreme Court Right?
The Risk of Abuse

The Market and the Industry
The Market for Sexual Explicitness

     The Motion Picture Industry
     Sexually Explicit Magazines
The Pornography Industry
     The Production of Films, Video Tapes, and Magazines
     Channels of Distribution
     The Retail Level
The Role of Organized Crime

The Question of Harm
Matters and Methods
     Harm and Regulation - The Scope of Our Inquiry
     What Counts as Harm?
     The Standard of Proof
     The Problem of Multiple Causation
     The Varieties of Evidence
     The Need to Subdivide
Our Conclusions about Harm
     Sexually Violent Material
     Nonviolent Materials Depicting Degradation, Domination, Subordination or Humiliation
     Nonviolent and Non-Degrading Materials
The Need for Further Research

Laws and Their Enforcement 
An Overview of the Problem

Should Pornography be Regulated by Law?
     The Question is Deregulation
     Law Enforcement, Priority and Multiple Causation
     The Problem of Underinclusiveness
The Criminal Law
     The Sufficiency of Existing Criminal Laws
     The Problems of Law Enforcement
     What Should be Prosecuted?
     The Special Prominence of the Printed Word
Regulation by Zoning
The Civil Rights Approach to Pornography
Obscenity and the Electronic Media
Enforcing both Sides of the Law

Child Pornography 
The Special Horror of Child Pornography

Child Pornography as a Cottage Industry
Child Pornography, the Law, and the First Amendment
Enforcement of the Child Pornography Laws

The Role of Private Action 
The Right to Condemn and the Right to Speak

The Method of Protest
The Risk of Excess
The Importance of Education and Discussion

PART THREE: Law Enforcement Recommendations

PART FOUR: Pornography and Society

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