The Meese Report

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PART ONE: Biographies, Notes and Statements

Commissioner BiographiesThe Meese Report
Henry E. Hudson
Judith Veronica Becker
Diane D. Cusack
Park Elliott Dietz
James C. Dobson
Edward J. Garcia
Ellen Levine
Tex Lezar
Bruce Ritter
Frederick Schauer
Deanne Tilton-durfee
Alan E. Sears

Individual Commissioners Statements
Statement of Henry E. Hudson

Statement of Diane D. Cusack
Statement of Park Elliott Dietz
Statement of James Dobson
Statement of Father Bruce Ritter
    The Category III Debate
    The "Printed Word" Debate
    The Indecency Standard
    Sex Education for Our Children
    A Priest on the Commission
    The Writing of this Document
    Pornography and Privacy
    Nonviolent, Sexually Explicit Material and Sexual Violence
Statement of Frederick Schauer
Statement of Deanne Tilton-Durfee
     Child Victims
     Family Life Education
     Exposure of Children to Explicit and Violent Materials
     Prioritization of Response
     A Word about Words
     Time and Structure
Statement of Judith Becker, Ellen Levine and Deanme Tilton-Durfee
     Statement of Dr. Judith Becker and Ellen Levine

PART TWO: Overview and Analysis of Commission Findings

PART THREE: Law Enforcement Recommendations

PART FOUR: Pornography and Society

Further Reading

The Obscene, Disgusting, and Vile Meese Commission Report by Pat Califa, 1986

Politics and Pornography: A Comparison of the Findings of the President's Commission and the Meese Commission and the Resulting Response, by David M. Edwards, 1992.

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