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Lara Roxx is a Canadian porn actress who, in March 2004, became the first known individual in four years to contract HIV while making a US porn movie. The film was subsequently released under the title "Split That Booty 2".

Roxx, while 19, contracted the HIV virus while doing a double-anal penetration scene with Darren James and another actor on March 24, 2004. She had filmed her first-ever anal scene with Darren James on February 10. Roxx said that she had relied on the industry's HIV standards to ensure she was safe. Because double-anal penetration involves so much stretching and tearing of tissues, conditions were ideal for Roxx to contract the deadly virus.

James and Roxx have been banned from making any further porn movies in the US.

Lara, on learning about James being HIV-positive, said, "It totally made me realize how I trusted this system that wasn't to be trusted at all, because it obviously doesn't work," and "I thought porn people were the cleanest people in the world."

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