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Kathy Willets was born Katherine Ann Morris on April 24, 1958 in New York City. She gained considerable fame during her arrest and subsequent trial in the early 1990s.

Neighbors of Jeff and Kathy Willets filed numerous police complaints about the amount of traffic around their home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Police began investigating, and in July 1991, the Willets were both arrested. Kathy was charged with prostitution, while Jeff was charged with living off the proceeds of prostitution; both were also charged with illegal wiretapping. As details of the case emerged, a media frenzy centered around south Florida. Not only was Jeff Willets a deputy sheriff for Broward County, but the evidence seized included videotapes, notebooks, and other information that indicated that several of Kathy's "clients" had been prominent, wealthy members of the area's social and political scene.

During the trial, Kathy Willets offered a unique defense. Her attorney, Ellis Rubin, claimed that Kathy was a nymphomaniac, driven by her uncontrollable need for sex. (Part of this novel defense claimed that Kathy's nymphomania was the result of her taking Prozac.) Additionally, her husband was not able to satisfy her adequately, and so he began finding other men with whom she could have sex. During many of her encounters, Jeff Willets allegedly hid in a bedroom closet and videotaped the acts. The couple also reportedly recorded telephone calls with clients and kept detailed notes on their identity, sexual acts performed, and fees charged.

The contents of the so-called "little black book" caused an enormous uproar. Several panicked legal motions were filed to prevent its contents from being publically released, but they were denied. One of the more prominent people named was conservative Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Doug Danziger, who had ironically led a campaign against topless bars and other adult-oriented businesses in the area. 

Kathy eventually changed her plea to guilty and served a sentence of community service. Jeff Willets was sentenced to a jail term of 18 months.

After the conclusion of the trial, Kathy capitalized on her infamy by appearing on numerous talk shows. She began dancing as a stripper, appeared in several porn movies, and reportedly became an escort, frequently billing herself as "America's Favorite Nymphomaniac".

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